What to expect for April

Episode 10 of The EdRay Report will be a milestone episode as I talk about diabetes. While magazines and other stuff exist on the issue, we realize that there are underlying variables about diabetes. So stay tuned for the latest information on Episode 10.

Meanwhile, The EdRay Special on cannabis will be uploaded on April 20th, AKA 4/20. This will be the first time that I collaborate with another person, so be prepared on this day. I will be talking about the uses for cannabis that does not involve smoking just to alter your dopamine levels for pleasure. I can’t believe I’m talking about this, but that’s the way it is.

Gardening blogs will contain pictures as I work a lot more outdoors. Trying to build a new compost pen, but that will take time. Fear not, I will do my best to create a sustainable system in which I can transform my backyard into paradise. Permaculture takes time, but if done right, it will change the landscape of your backyard. Until next time, take care of yourself.

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