I apologize to you viewers for not posting stuff regularly. Real life responsibilities have kept me from posting blogs and videos. The garden has been my main responsibility. Pruning, fertilizing, mulching, etc. Collecting sticks to mulch flower beds and herb beds. I’ve also collected sticks to mulch fruit trees.

Other works like mowing the lawn weekly, cleaning up the roof, and taking care of other things has taken a toll on my schedule. I will post Episode 13 of The EdRay Report soon, so bear with me ladies and gentlemen. Summertime is coming next month, so I’ll be posting one episode of The EdRay Report a month, but I will try and write blogs here.

Summertime is usually the season I have to take the most responsibility. Even in 100 degree weather, I will have to take care of major responsibilities. I apologize for saying that word to an annoying levels, but this is why I have not posted regularly. Until next time folks, take care of yourselves.

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