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Forgive me ladies and gentlemen for not posting regularly. I’ve been busy with the Spring garden alongside other responsibilities. But Episode 11 of The EdRay Report is coming soon. It will be the first time that I show pictures of my Spring garden to let you folks in how I’m doing this without relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Having a quality organic garden takes time, so on Episode 11, I will teach you patience on growing a quality garden.

Most people that do garden give up for the following reasons. Number one, growing food takes a long time. But you folks need to remember that all the foods in the grocery store are either being grown in California or Mexico and their seasons are usually different. Number two, a lot of foods are coming from Africa, Asia, sometimes Australia. Again, the seasons are different for them. That’s why our grocery stores have a constantly supply of food.

And before you harvest food, you have to start planting different foods for different seasons so a famine is less likely. So for those that are impatient, but want to garden nonetheless, stay tuned for Episode 11 of The EdRay Report. Of course tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report. Episode 11 will air on Friday. Take care folks.

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  1. WOnderful job here.You know what?I like your writing style.I’m also a blogger and its so hard sometimes.My time will come but I know I’m on the right path.PS.I’m gonna have to share this post!

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