Update for everyone

I apologize to everyone for uploading all 6 episodes of The EdRay Report in a short amount of time. I was trying to get them uploaded here in anticipation of Episode 7. That will be uploaded on Friday. Now I originally had these episodes on YouTube, VidLii, and Vanillo, but they are exclusive to here.

I cannot tell you what Episode 7 will be about, but I promise you that it will be uploaded on Friday and I hope everyone here will spread the word about it. Does this mean I’m still doing traditional blogs? Of course. Blogs are the backbone of the website, the videos are to inform and entertain those looking beyond just reading. That’s understandable.

When I first started this website back in January, I had a goals in mind. One of them being to upload videos independently. I’m hoping that I can continue to provide information related to gardening, health, and economizing. Will I talk about more health related stuff soon? Very likely on Episode 8 as I need to address something that is bugging a lot of people.

In the mean time, tell your friends, relatives, and even enemies about The EdRay Report and be ready for Episode 7. Once again, I apologize for uploading all the other 6 episodes so quickly. I will go easy after Friday and focus on traditional blogs.

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