The progress of May

Episode 12 will likely be an update of my Spring garden. I have added stuff to the garden alongside figuring out innovative ways to cut usage of water. Because of the persistence and innovation, I’m ready to share secrets for those that are about to have their planting season ready.

An EdRay Special will be health related as I talk about calories. There are a variable of calories that I will discuss. Then I will talk about why calories in general are not the enemy of health, but rather the types of calories. This special will allow people to enjoy good food again, but I’ll have to explain calories from a scientific perspective.

Episode 13 will be health regarding life preserving properties. You do not want to miss that episode. So three videos will be posted here for the month of May. Tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report. Until next time, take care of yourselves.

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