The progress of Episode 8

Before I let you folks know about the air date, I have decided that after Episode 9, I will not upload another video until April. Reason for that being is due to me getting tired. I’m putting a lot of time and effort into making Episode 8. With Episode 9 next week, I will go easy on this site.

Factor in that planting season started early this year here in Texas, I’m very focused on transforming my backyard to create a permaculture garden. My goal is to make the best of the next couple of weeks as I turn my backyard into a food oasis. This means I will focus less on The EdRay Report. Fear not that as I will type blogs.

Episode 8 will be uploaded on Friday. It will be the longest episode of The EdRay Report. So tell your friends, family, and even enemies about the airing of Episode 8 on Friday. I want to thank you folks for tuning in to The EdRay Report, making it possible to continue the series. I’m here to educate you on gardening, health, and economizing. More will come after Episode 9, but I will make new videos in April. Until then, stay tuned for Episode 8 on Friday March 15th.

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