The EdRay Report is back

After the past few month or so of hosting issues and many problems beyond my control, I have finally brought back The EdRay Report. How did I do it? I purchased a web host courtesy of, the same place where I registered my domain on December 26, 2018. Hosting was the major issue straight from the get-go. Let’s not take anything away from Flowinity because it was very convenient to operate this site on a shoestring budget.

Instead of griping about how I would never get my site back, I stayed persistent and did what I could to get this site back and take control over it. The positive of this is that I have hosting service for an entire year. I purchased a WordPress SuperSonic hosting contract for $49.88, something that would normally be priced at $100 for the year. Nonetheless, I made a big sale which made me the money necessary to get a yearly host.

$49.88 a year means that I can upload videos only related to The EdRay Report. This means all 6 episodes of The EdRay Report will be uploaded alongside Episode 7 and the future episodes of the series. I had to get the $49.88 a year deal on Namecheap to justify installing a video player that will allow me to upload here on this site.

What are my goals? Hopefully bring people in to read my blogs, watching videos, etc. Doing this and getting revenue from Patreon donations and ads will allow me to evolve from hosting here to hosting that contains unlimited storage. This is only the beginning of a long journey. I will do blogs about gardening, health, and economizing. Tell your friends, tell your relatives. The EdRay Report is here after a long journey.

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