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Hello everyone, this is EdRay speaking. Throughout the past month, I’ve been working pretty hard to provide not only blogs and reports in regards to gardening, health, and economizing. If you think March was hectic month for me, the month of April will contain two milestone videos. First being Episode 10 of The EdRay Report, the other being an EdRay Special regarding cannabis.

What does this mean for me for the remainder of March? It’s means I will go easy on blogging as I try to recover. I want to be mentally prepared for Episode 10 of The EdRay Report in which I cover the subject of diabetes. Meanwhile, I’ve been going outside and relaxing by tending to the garden.

Once a month, I will let you know the progress of my permaculture garden method. In the mean time, please tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report. I know you folks want to see something good and I will provide my best efforts in April. But right now, I need to go easy.

The next blog that I post will be about the airdate of Episode 10. As for The EdRay Special? It will air on April 20th (aka 4/20). I will also provide updates regarding The EdRay Special. Thank you for your time.

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