In regards to Episode 10

Hello everyone, this is EdRay speaking. Throughout the past month, I’ve been working pretty hard to provide not only blogs and reports in regards to gardening, health, and economizing. If you think March was hectic month for me, the month of April will contain two milestone videos. First being Episode 10 of The EdRay Report, the other being an EdRay Special regarding cannabis.

What does this mean for me for the remainder of March? It’s means I will go easy on blogging as I try to recover. I want to be mentally prepared for Episode 10 of The EdRay Report in which I cover the subject of diabetes. Meanwhile, I’ve been going outside and relaxing by tending to the garden.

Once a month, I will let you know the progress of my permaculture garden method. In the mean time, please tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report. I know you folks want to see something good and I will provide my best efforts in April. But right now, I need to go easy.

The next blog that I post will be about the airdate of Episode 10. As for The EdRay Special? It will air on April 20th (aka 4/20). I will also provide updates regarding The EdRay Special. Thank you for your time.

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Postponement of Episode 9

With me working very hard this week starting my Spring garden, I didn’t have a chance to come up with a subject to talk about. I don’t know when I will do Episode 9, but bear with me if you please. Throughout the past few days, I’ve been planting vegetables, herbs, and summer fruits like watermelon and honeydew melon.

I’ve also been helping an old man start his garden. When I post Episode 9, you’ll see it. Enough about Episode 9. Tomorrow, I will be busy finding stakes to hammer in the ground so I can straighten out my cherry trees and plum tree. Gardening is the main subject of The EdRay Report and for good reason.

Food prices are unbearable. Food as a whole is unbearable due to terrible taste and poor quality. Modern day farming is failing, so applying a permaculture method can increase yields of food, allowing for more food to be grown here in America.

If you are a true gardener, don’t just talk the talk, actually walk the walk. I will show pictures of my garden following Easter Sunday. In the mean time, relax and enjoy this season depending on where you live. Here in America, planting season has started. Check the weather before you start your garden. Thank you for your time.

In regards to Episode 9

I’m not sure what Episode 9 will be. But the episode will be out this week. Once the episode is up here on The EdRay Report, I’m taking a break from uploading videos on this site. I might upload specials that break away from the purpose of this site, but with the following that I’m getting, branching out occasionally is necessary.

What will I talk about? That’s something I’ll have to find out. I will still do blogs, but videos take a lot of time and effort. I hope you folks understand. Episode 10 will come in April. Stay tuned for further details. Until next time, take care of yourselves.

Update again

Today is editing day. I have never done so much research for the topic of cancer, which is the focus of Episode 8. The anticipation is high for the episode on cancer. After Episode 9, I’m taking it easy on this site because I’ve been working so hard to make the videos. Continue to tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report.

Episode 9 will be sometime next week and I will let you folks now about the airdate. Meanwhile, be sure to watch the other episodes of The EdRay Report if you please. Thank you for your time.

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The progress of Episode 8

Before I let you folks know about the air date, I have decided that after Episode 9, I will not upload another video until April. Reason for that being is due to me getting tired. I’m putting a lot of time and effort into making Episode 8. With Episode 9 next week, I will go easy on this site.

Factor in that planting season started early this year here in Texas, I’m very focused on transforming my backyard to create a permaculture garden. My goal is to make the best of the next couple of weeks as I turn my backyard into a food oasis. This means I will focus less on The EdRay Report. Fear not that as I will type blogs.

Episode 8 will be uploaded on Friday. It will be the longest episode of The EdRay Report. So tell your friends, family, and even enemies about the airing of Episode 8 on Friday. I want to thank you folks for tuning in to The EdRay Report, making it possible to continue the series. I’m here to educate you on gardening, health, and economizing. More will come after Episode 9, but I will make new videos in April. Until then, stay tuned for Episode 8 on Friday March 15th.

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This week, I will be working on Episode 8 of The EdRay Report. Episode 8 will be my most controversial episode of the series yet on a count of I’m going to talk about cancer. This is a serious issue that I will address. How come I never addressed this on YouTube when I uploaded the first 6 episodes? Mainly because when I talk about sensitive issues, people try to flag my videos down or talk me down.

But cancer is no joke. In light of Canadian game show host Alex Trebek battling pancreatic cancer, I will discuss the causes and how to manage it. As for Episode 9, I may talk about something related to economizing. That will come for next week. Episode 10, I will be talking about diabetes

The benefit of having a website is that if you want to talk about something serious, you have a little more freedom as long as you do not violate the Terms of Service of your web hosting contract. Hopefully my web host will not pull my site down and terminate my contract with them. Being independent is far better than YouTube because YouTube is censoring so much for so little.

So to conclude this announcement, I will try and upload some blogs beyond gardening, health, and economizing as the months go by. Tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report and stay tuned for Episode 8.

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Update for everyone

I apologize to everyone for uploading all 6 episodes of The EdRay Report in a short amount of time. I was trying to get them uploaded here in anticipation of Episode 7. That will be uploaded on Friday. Now I originally had these episodes on YouTube, VidLii, and Vanillo, but they are exclusive to here.

I cannot tell you what Episode 7 will be about, but I promise you that it will be uploaded on Friday and I hope everyone here will spread the word about it. Does this mean I’m still doing traditional blogs? Of course. Blogs are the backbone of the website, the videos are to inform and entertain those looking beyond just reading. That’s understandable.

When I first started this website back in January, I had a goals in mind. One of them being to upload videos independently. I’m hoping that I can continue to provide information related to gardening, health, and economizing. Will I talk about more health related stuff soon? Very likely on Episode 8 as I need to address something that is bugging a lot of people.

In the mean time, tell your friends, relatives, and even enemies about The EdRay Report and be ready for Episode 7. Once again, I apologize for uploading all the other 6 episodes so quickly. I will go easy after Friday and focus on traditional blogs.

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On Monday March 4, 2019, I’ll be announcing my departure from YouTube as I will try and upload all 6 episodes of The EdRay Report to here in an effort to cut back on blogging. I now have the storage ability to install a video player and upload videos here. I will try to archive videos if I have to delete videos due to the limits of the 100 GB storage that I currently have on my current webhost.

However, if you want me to have unlimited storage space, that would require me to switch hosting to another site. We’ll see how this plays out for this year. Stay tuned to YouTube channel for the next video. Also from here on, I will link my social media accounts and Patreon so you can get the word out about The EdRay Report. I thank you for your time.

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The EdRay Report is back

After the past few month or so of hosting issues and many problems beyond my control, I have finally brought back The EdRay Report. How did I do it? I purchased a web host courtesy of, the same place where I registered my domain on December 26, 2018. Hosting was the major issue straight from the get-go. Let’s not take anything away from Flowinity because it was very convenient to operate this site on a shoestring budget.

Instead of griping about how I would never get my site back, I stayed persistent and did what I could to get this site back and take control over it. The positive of this is that I have hosting service for an entire year. I purchased a WordPress SuperSonic hosting contract for $49.88, something that would normally be priced at $100 for the year. Nonetheless, I made a big sale which made me the money necessary to get a yearly host.

$49.88 a year means that I can upload videos only related to The EdRay Report. This means all 6 episodes of The EdRay Report will be uploaded alongside Episode 7 and the future episodes of the series. I had to get the $49.88 a year deal on Namecheap to justify installing a video player that will allow me to upload here on this site.

What are my goals? Hopefully bring people in to read my blogs, watching videos, etc. Doing this and getting revenue from Patreon donations and ads will allow me to evolve from hosting here to hosting that contains unlimited storage. This is only the beginning of a long journey. I will do blogs about gardening, health, and economizing. Tell your friends, tell your relatives. The EdRay Report is here after a long journey.

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