Summertime stress

I’ve been enduring a lot of stress this summer with personal responsibilities, tending to the garden, doing podcasts with other people, etc. When that interferes in your time to blog, your blogs will lose steam. How did I cope with the stress? Watch TV, spend time with family, tend to service in church. Jesus has helped me cope with a lot of stress this summer.

Mowing the lawn every week is a stress, tending to the garden has been a stress due to the humidity. Had it not been for the covers, the stress of tending to the garden would have been too much. The humidity outdoors make it incredibly hard to work.

While my responsibilities this summer is not over with, I wanted to alert you folks where I have been since the early part of the month. I’ll try to keep up as time goes along.

Happy 4th of July

I’ve been busy away from this site either because of content for other sites on the internet or personal responsibilities such as preparing a big flower bed with limited resources. Folks, for all your hard work gardening, taking care of yourself, and economizing, take time out of this day to remember the troops that died for the freedom of America. Take time to embrace family members that fought and survived in wars to protect you even to this day.

You could be political to the people that fought for your freedom on social issues, you could show vitriol for the way they treat you, but please show respect for the people that fought for your freedom. You have to love them, but you don’t have to like them for political and social reasons. It’s all right to disagree with people, but do not disrespect their contributions for your freedom.

Enjoy the outdoors, splurge if you wish to pay respects to the American troops by barbecuing. July 4, 1776 isn’t just another day in the annals of history, it was a day where Colonial Americans were fed up with society as we knew it. Things may be different in America from a social standpoint, but we must forget the things of old, and “Old Glory” is one of them. We could express our Constitutional rights with flags of racism, but we must respect “Old Glory” for bringing us close in a country where in-fighting drags us down.

My point is that do not let yourself be angry over the things of old and be appreciate toward the veterans even if you don’t agree with them. Thank you for your time and Happy Independence Day.