Surviving the first 6 months of being independent

I created The EdRay Report to give my opinions on gardening, health, and economizing. Since YouTube is oversaturated with content to where you cannot clearly get your message out there, I decided to bring my content here in hopes of uploading videos. This was not an easy task due to poor web hosting choices. The first two months were the most stressful.

Due to my budget at the time, I couldn’t afford to get a paid webhost that would protect this website in the event of failures. My original blogs are gone. I’ve learned from experience owning a website that if you want to protect your website from crashes that would destroy valuable information, you have to purchase a hosting service.

After I purchased a hosting service, I finally was able to access the plug-ins necessary to upload videos here independently. Thus, I took my content from my YouTube channel The EdRay Report and brought it here. Up until May, viewership was up. However, accessing the site was not easy.

I was trying to purchase security from this site and had a difficult time coding it to turn HTTP to HTTPS for The EdRay Report so people can view all the episodes of The EdRay Report. After a while, I figured it out, making the website more accessible. After that, viewership on this site took off.

While there have been a couple of times when the site went down, it would come back with the exception of a few weeks. I was burned out, stressed over personal situations, etc. But eventually I came around and contacted my webhost to fix the issue, allowing me to bring this site back up. I’m committed to trying to bring more quality episodes of The EdRay Report come July. Episode 13 will come soon.

What are the goals for The EdRay Report during the second half? Well, if I get Patreon donations, I will use it to renew my domain deal, get a new hosting contract, and eventually invest in equipment to improve video quality. If I do not get Patreon donations before the end of 2019, it’s pretty much curtains for this website. Does this mean every episode of The EdRay Report vanishes? No.

As much as I do not want to reupload my core content on YouTube channel, I would like to keep all the episodes of The EdRay Report here where it’s protected. Getting better equipment including a camera would allow me to evolve beyond vlogging. Meanwhile, you folks can spread the word about The EdRay Report and help me accomplish my goals into evolving this site from gardening, health, and economizing to more entertaining content independent from YouTube.

To conclude, for the people that have followed me from the beginning, I want to say thank you. Despite my struggles building up this website during the first six months, I will continue to provide blogs and vlogs during the second half of the year. Tell your friends, family, and even enemies about The EdRay Report. And please, if you enjoy my blogs and vlogs, support my Patreon if you please. Thank you for your time.

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Why it’s important to eat fat and fiber.

For the past 63 years, American citizens have been instructed to cut fat and load up on carbohydrates. This dietary dogma would rise again in the 1980s and 1990s due to low fat dairy, low cholesterol eggs, and a load of low fat sugary snacks. Another thing we do not take into account is that the majority of carbohydrates we eat are not complex, but processed carbohydrates. White bread, pizza, pasta, noodles. All of these things come from white flour. Why is this is a problem? One thing, lack of fiber.

While fiber from wheat, barley, and rye can satisfy us for a lot longer, the gluten makes the fiber insoluble, meaning it cannot be digested properly. You compare that to gluten free fibers like greens, broccoli, carrots, and berries. When doctors tell you to go on a low fat high fiber diet, that means cut the butter and eat oatmeal. Oatmeal is not exactly a good meal for your diet because the fibers will lower your cholesterol while speaking your blood sugar.

When you eat fiber, but no fat, the fiber cannot do it’s job by scooping up toxins from your intestines and colon. The fiber is there, but the fat that was melted before being consumed has to survive the digestive tract to assist the fiber in lifting up the toxins. When fat and fiber work together, the toxins will exist your body by a bowel movement. That is how toxins should be out of your body. Not intense exercise routines daily.

When I talk about consuming fats, I talk about consuming butter, lard, bacon grease, beef drippings, pork drippings, chicken fat, and deer fat. Animal fats have nutrients. So consuming fats that are not solid at room temperature will help those fats bypass the digestive tract to get down to the intestines in a matter of 30 minutes give or take. After a bowel movement, you’ll start gaining energy.

That’s why if you consume fiber from berries, legumes, broccoli, or vegetables, have a hot drink with some sort of animal fat. Green tea, coffee, it don’t matter. Put a tablespoon of fat in the drink. Combining fat and fiber in a clean diet not only cleanses the inside of your body, but for those that are overweight, this increases the odds of sustainable weight loss.

I’m not saying you can’t have a pizza once in a blue moon. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy pasta, but fibers from fruits and vegetables are more important. Without fiber and fat combined, you’ll be sick for a long time. Sluggish, irritable, etc. American people are more irritable due to the low fat, high fiber diet. Upping the fat intake will help the fiber work more effectively.

Explanation time

Well, for those of you that have been wondering why The EdRay Report went down, here’s the reason. Back in May, certain files were broken, causing an HTTP 500 issue that would not allow me to access the site. This is an easy situation to take care of by contacting my webhost. Usually it takes up to 48 hours for the HTTP 500 to work itself out. This was unfortunately not the case. I should have contacted my webhost about the issue immediately, but I didn’t.

Another issue was the fact that I was burned out. Personal responsibilities, trying to maintain this website, and building up a fanbase on social media finally got the better of me. In other words, I was burned out. This did not mean that I abandoned responsibilities in my garden. When you make about a dozen episodes for an independent website, then work tirelessly to build up a reputation on social media, there comes a time when you need a break.

So think of what happened with my website being down for a while as a break to collect my thoughts and regain my senses. Don’t get me wrong, I could have taken care of the issue immediately with my webhost, but I was mentally exhausted trying to build this website to talk about economizing. This is in no way the end of The EdRay Report as of yet.

In August, I will bring back the core content here on The EdRay Report. I may do some random videos like grocery shopping and such. It all depends on the situation in question. Meanwhile, for those of you on summer vacation, enjoy your summer vacation. I will post more blogs before getting back into vlogs. Meanwhile, you can go on the list where you can view all the episodes of The EdRay Report. Thank you for your time ladies and gentlemen. I apologize for what happened.